We are a multidisciplinary team that tackles your challenges in a personal, accessible and pragmatic way. Whatever your question, we demonstrate great flexibility and efficiency in each case. About us


LAWTREE Lawyers is a multidisciplinary firm with lawyers who stand out for their entrepreneurial thinking.

Through a specialised approach, LAWTREE has developed strong skills in almost all areas of law that companies, entrepreneurs or governments are confronted with in their daily professional activities.

Our lawyers, who have won their spurs at renowned law firms, combine their know-how and experience with commitment and service. We always work proactively and in a cost-efficient manner.

Our approach

LAWTREE Lawyers advises and supports entrepreneurs, companies, governments and private individuals. You will not find generalists among us, because just as your situation is unique, every legal field has its particularities. Because our lawyers work within their own niche and keep a finger on the pulse there, we can assist you with particularly in-depth knowledge. In other words, you can be sure that your case will be followed up by an expert. This is the only way to guarantee the highest quality.

Our law is not exactly known for its simplicity. Fortunately, LAWTREE’s approach is. No matter how complex the subject matter, we are at home in it like no other and communicate it in plain language. With us, you have a direct line to your expert. If something urgent comes up, it will be taken care of quickly. You can rely on that.

What we stand for

For entrepreneurs

LAWTREE is the legal sounding board for your company.


Our experts each have their own field of expertise. This niche focus ensures that your case gets the right approach.


We are easily accessible and communicate clearly and regularly.


We keep up the pace that your case requires, so that you get the best service at all times.