Debt collection

Unpaid invoices? LAWTREE makes sure you get what you are entitled to. We do everything we can to recover your money as quickly, efficiently and cost-neutrally as possible, acting as a one-stop shop. You give us your invoices and we open a case for you on the same day. Depending on the actions you have already taken, we will draw up a reminder or hand over your case to the bailiff, so that the IOS (collection of undisputed debts) or judicial collection procedure can start immediately.

We make every effort to arrange a hearing before the competent courts at short notice. At the start of the procedure, we can, if necessary, already attach movable property or bank accounts in order to guarantee that your receivables will be settled.

In debt collection cases where there is no discussion, LAWTREE works according to the following principle: No result? No extra charge. You only have to pay the bailiff’s fees, which must be charged in advance. If the procedure is successful, those fees can be passed on to the debtor. In successful proceedings, LAWTREE’s compensation consists of the indemnity clause, the interest and any judicial compensation.

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