Environment and permits

Considering a substantial expansion of your business ? Are you a construction company with demolition work or a construction or refurbishment project in the pipeline? Whatever permit you need, we guide you from start to finish - from the opening of your case with the municipality or province to the moment you have the necessary documents in your hands. Any obstacles along the way, such as an appeal procedure or a nullification procedure before the Council for Permit Disputes, are dealt with efficiently and quickly.

LAWTREE is well prepared to handle any type of environmental permit:

- environmental permit for urban development activities (formerly called the urban development permit),
- environmental permits for the parcelling of land (the former parcelling permits),
- environmental permits for the operation of classified establishments or activities (the former environmental permits),
- environmental permits for retail activities (the former socio-economic permit),
- and environmental permits for the modification of minor landscape elements or vegetation (the former nature permit).

As we take care of communication with the competent licensing authorities, you will also benefit from the very good connections that LAWTREE has with the various authorities.

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